Friday, April 01, 2005

remains of the roman empire

in rome..very rich in history..the place is more like of the place where i grew'll find a lot of fake products and lot of "manloloko".i think its even worse.

Jerome and I once ate at one of the restaurant near the train station(roma termini) .Their prices in the menu were reasonable so we decided to stop and have our dinner. As paying time comes...there it goes..if you add up all that we ate it only sums up to 23 euro or less but we were billed 27 euro,so we thought the service charge might be we decided to still leave a tip thats 1 euro to be exact..but then the waiter stops us from leaving and require us to pay another 3 euro for the service charge thats 1.5 each, we never argued because we were so tired the whole day and its not really that big amount..but still...that's cheating!!!huh!!Posted by Hello

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