Monday, January 10, 2005

life's surprises

God never fails to surprise me.It's a night with a heavy heart because the long possesed bicycle was stolen.It may not be as expensive as mountain trek bike but its worth is's the bike who sends jerome to its office everyday like a teleport.It's really indeed a very useful one, and seems to be part of his daily life.Since it was lost, then we have just to accept it.Someone might be needing it more than we do.The day after, we attended a Sunday mass.This day actually seems to be so different than our usual Sunday masses.We went a different route. After the mass as we're on our way home...the old blue bicycle was right there in front of us. We were really hesistant at first, others may have own it..or this bike might not be the one we've lost. We take a closer look, until jerome was so sure that it was really the bike we were looking for. He tried to unlock..and surprisingly was able to make it...By then we are 100% sure that its our bicycle!!!We are really very happy. We hastily went home with the bike and still hoping that we will find the basket that was lost with the park just before we reach the apartment...there it was!!!so amazingly great..Everything that was lost was been given back. I believe it really was God's work.It might be as simple as it looks but it was really different for us.It's a Miracle. God works in simple ways, and miracle can happen everyday...just believe!

Friday, January 07, 2005

lovely couple,whew!

gorgeous couple,whew!
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this was taken from deutschbahn. an exhausted poses from a mini trip to see Ludwig's Castle..the Neuschwanstein.I was enjoying the trip..we never had a proper lunch..good thing we have "baon"...the biggie homemade sandwich with ham and cheese,and swip swap..slurrp!!