Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cross trainer

Exercise helps maintains or enhance Physical fitness and overall health. I should say, it is important part of our daily activity. Health is wealth so we must therefore take extra care on how to maintain it. Warm days here in Germany is just so short and therefore outdoor activities would only be enjoyed for few months. Though winter sports could also be an option. Despite the long cold season, I noticed that Germans are really health conscious and most of them are really into sports. My sister was actually very amaze to see a lot of fit mothers. Mothers who are already back in shape yet pushing a pram with a 2-3 month old baby is a common sight. Even during winter, I often see a lot of people jogging although of course dress in warm clothing. Although I have a great appreciation for such enthusiasm,I just cannot do that. I'm very much lazy for that. I prefer my winter days spent inside and kept warm. So Jerome and I thought of having cross trainer and last monday it arrived. All of us were both excited how to use it. Although at first I was a bit hesitant about it because we are really out of space. This machine would eat up a lot of space in the apartment,that for sure. But then, as we discuss the pro's and cons, I finally gave in to the idea of having one.I should say the installation itself would make you fit. It's horribly heavy. I think it's around 60 kg. My hubby do the installation all alone. Kinda warming up at the same time.=) I tried the fitness test and I enjoyed it. Here's the pic of the elliptical that we bought:
For an apartment like we have which is so small, then this is just too big. But then, we just don't care as long as this can be a big help.

Monday, April 27, 2009

ride and have fun

Recreational Parks will be mostly enjoyed by children ranging from ages 4 years and up. Not just children but also adults who are child at heart. Johann will turn 3 in July, not so little anymore but not big enough to enjoy all of the rides. I think being together and enjoying things together are the ones that matter most in a family day. And Park is one of the best place to have some fun with them. Legoland is about 90 km from our place,It's almost an hour and a half ride. Last saturday, the weather was so lovely and nice. Just warm enough to enjoy the park. Our "yoyo" was so overwhelmed with the water fountain that he actually bathe himself and really enjoyed it. (showed in above photo) We also try the tv tower like ride, I kinda like it because it's not gonna make you dizzy at all. You'll be able to enjoy the sights from above. This is how it looks like from there.
Of course this is all about our little yoyo to enjoy,
we of course chose rides that perfectly fits him and that he would surely enjoy. This one is a boat ride I had with Johann. Another ride from safari park. 
Surely moments like this with your little one is superbly enjoyable. This is why I call it "ride and have fun"=)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

lost and found=)

Last year we bought a "Jahreskarte" a ticket to legoland for one year. Its expiry would be tomorrow so we thought of going to legoland just before it would expire. To God's blessings,yes we actually went yesterday, my family with some friends. Though it's not our first time to the place, I'm still amaze how legos were made. With good friends and my family around, we really had a great time. 'twas really a whale of time ,I should say.We went back to Munich and looking forward to a dinner together in Ed's place(with her equally nice wife dottie and daughter dani). Everything seems perfect not until I realized that I left my bag in legoland.=( It was really a stupid mistake, leaving your bag with passports in it (my passport and my son's),wallet where credit card,ec card,id's in it, not so much with cash 'coz I think I only have 10 euro in my wallet,Johann's baby book and of course some small stuff. I felt so stupid, how can I forget such important thing. I really say "Pech gehabt" which means tough luck.=( Despite of it all, I know I'm lucky 'coz I have a very understanding hubby, (many thanks love) he never said anything not nice to me, instead hopes that we'll be able to have it back. Friends whose reactions was not judging instead understanding and encouraging (thanks to dottie,ed and cenen). What they did may look ordinary but it means a lot to me. The more lucky and blessed I am because I have my bag back. yahoo!!!=) We called legoland at around 8 in the morning and  I thank God they found it. We then made ourselves prepared and off to legoland again! There are so many things to thank of, despite the crisis and the unpleasant things in life,there's still many good hearted and honest people around. To God be the glory.=)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

why yoyo?

Johann was almost six months when we  first travel outside Germany. My sister Jannett and her family live in Ireland and I was also longing to visit her and her family. Was excited too to see my dear niece and nephew. John, my sister's eldest was 2 1/2 years then, but he can already speak very well. So this is how Johann's name became yoyo. He can actually say the name Johann but find it easier to say yoyo. Daniela, the youngest can already say few words as well and that includes the name "yoyo". At first, it doesn't sound so good to me, specially in visayan dialect it  could mean"uncle" or the toy yoyo. Funny! But as days went by and the kids were calling johann "yoyo" and how they fondly treat him and call the name "yoyo", I kinda like it.=) I should say, it made me think that we are the ones who will give meaning to our names and it's not our name who will define us. It's really funny how it came about, but the most important thing is the beautiful memories with it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We received a letter from "Kindergarten Struwwelpeter" informing us that Johann has now a reserved place for kindergarten this coming September. Sounds like an announcement? =)Yes,indeed it is.I'm just so glad that he already had a place in that kindergarten because that's the nearest one to where we are residing. Aside from it's in the same street as ours, you can actually get there  from the underground parking. So near,right? It would save me time and effort in sending my little "yoyo" to school. Why "yoyo" I'll tell you in my next entry. You should register your child at least 6 mos in "Rathaus" (that is how they call Municipal Office) for your child to have a reserved place in Kindergarten. "Rathaus" will be the one to decide in which kindergarten your child would be.Of course you will have the privilege to state your preferred schools/kindergartens. But then, they would still be the one to decide, availability of course can be a factor.We've been in the place already and I liked it. Everything is organize and yoyo was comfortable with the place. He even played freely the first time we visited the place for "kennen lernen" or getting-to-know meeting last march. In that meeting it was explained to us how the kindergarten operates and its rules. You should bring your child on or before 9 am. After 9 am door will be closed. The parents will be given a list of the things that their child should bring and what not to bring. No bringing of food (all sorts), no beverages. They will be the one to provide for all of these. I was a bit worried at first because yoyo is picky, but then, as the teacher go on explaining the importance of independence and healthy eating, it consoled me. Yoyo is so clingy, so it might actually help. No formal ABC's and mathematics yet, only fun learning, they will be singing,dancing, painting ,playing and doing things together. 

One need not to be in kindergarten so early, considering that they're still so young and all they need at 3 is to be a child and enjoy it. That's exactly what this kind of kindergarten is all about, just being with other kids. I feel the need for johann to really have it because he has no one to play with most of the time. I'm looking forward to it, and hoping that my little yoyo would like and enjoy it.


In every thing we do, somehow there's always someone or something that inspires us. I've been into writing blogs already but not religiously. I find it actually fun, it feels like talking to someone out there, expressing your thoughts freely.But seeing 'te Blessie's blog ( me enthused to do more. She's my inspiration. I admire how she can express spur of the moments thoughts and ideas without hesitation. Reading back my old entries made me realize that there are lots of things that are happening to us that we might felt so mundane, but then if we try to look back on things, these are actually  important occasions that has material effect to what we are and what we have now.

Blogging really has touch many lives. Where ordinary person like me can express thoughts to the world. We all have heroes, and in blogging  I should say, 'te Bless is mine.=)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We're so lucky in the Philippines because we always have sunshine the whole year. Kids can always play outdoor. Summer time here is the best time for us to do that. The sun sets at around 9-10 in the evening. But during cold and rainy season, that is to no avail. Indoor playground is a hit at these times. Lollihop, an indoor playground which is around 15-20 minutes drive from our place is the place to go for active kids, i should say. I remember the first time we brought Johann to the place, he was still very small and cannot even climbed the stairs. But now..oh no!! he can even climb to the highest. I've got pics here for you to see.

This was taken last easter monday. We were supposed to go to Munich Zoo because Johann is so fascinated with animals lately and the weather is so lovely. When we were there, it was horribly full. All car parks were full, the lines going to the Zoo was overly long. So my hubby decided to go there which is around 10 km from the zoo, and if you're avoiding the crowd and the sun is brightly shining indoor is the place to go. I was a bit disappointed but definitely we had fun. Seeing the joy in my little angel's eyes is enough reason for me to have fun.=)

no time to cook?

I was totally lazy last monday and I want to eat something light and easy to prepare. I looked into the cupboard and there I remember we bought basil pesto last Saturday. I checked the canned goods and I saw tuna, so I say to myself..perfect! I can have tuna pasta with pesto. Nothing is complicated, I just cooked the 250 g. pasta according to the package instruction.

for the sauce:

olive oil
1 can tuna
150 g basil pesto

Pour the olive oil in a skillet, add the garlic, tuna, basil pesto and season with salt. Then just mix the cooked pasta.

there we already have a tuna pasta with easy right?here's a pic of what we had for lunch.

It may be very light for jerome so I decided to add some salad. Again, nothing is special, I just used whatever was available.

oak leaf lettuce (green variety)
green olives
black olives

just mixed everything and pour the salad dressing. Its a ready mix salad dressing which you can buy in the supermarket. What I use was vinegar and oil, Mediterranean art. Here's a picture of the salad:
We had enjoy the meal,though so light and easy, just good enough for the lazy day.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mother and toddler group

It's really been a long while since i had my last entry. Having a child can really change your world. More so, when you're living in a foreign country. I remember the old days when I was young, my parents perhaps have really no problem at all in finding playmates for us, for we are 5 children in the family. Aside from having siblings, neighbor kids are just around the corner. Here in Germany it's quite different,aside from the fact that we don't have relatives here, the neighborhood is not as open and warm compared in the Philippines. They're very nice though. The long cold season contributed to it as well, it's but natural for people not to love outdoors when its cold. Johann will be turning 3 this july, he's more active now and needs a lot of interaction from other kids. It's a good thing we found this mother and toddler group where he could also play with other kids. The only problem and good thing the medium (of communication) is in german. It's a problem because Johann hasn't established one language yet, he's not yet speaking to us in a sentence and here he is to be in a german speaking group. Good thing, because it would be a good way of learning the language.

The first day we joined the group I really thought Johann may not like it, he's just wrapping his arms around me and looks like he's afraid of the group, but as soon as the group started singing and dancing, he became more relaxed and eventually joined the other kids. I'm just so happy to see him, happy to be with other kids 'coz he is usually afraid to be around with  other children. The next time, I'm very sure he's really liking the group, he was so excited when we arrived in "Familien Zentrum" literally means Family  Center.He let me remove his shoes with a delighted face and ready for the activity. This is something we both look forward every week, for Johann to have fun and me practice my german=)