Wednesday, October 19, 2005


The oldest city in Holland, and the third largest city in the province. Many things could be said about the city, but what we're here for primarily is to visit a dear priest who was once a parish priest in our nearby town. It was really good to see friends whom you have never seen for a long time. Father fetched us at the train station and from there we then proceed to his parish. We had our cookies and coffee, blended of course with the long most awaited catching up. Not that long though because he still has to officiate a burial mass in an hour. We then, assisted by Father's friends to the convent. We had our lunch in a very traditional Dutch way. After we enjoyed our meal we had a short walk in the nearby mall and had our ice cream there. While savoring the ice cream a little talk had begun and ended in an hour. We then, went to PIDOC (Philippine's Documentation) section and had our readings about the Philippines.Wierd to think that we are reading about the Philippines while in other country, but certainly amazing because there were a lot of new things that only there that was known to me about our country, like how was the houses looks like before. Really amazing and fun! Father was a lot busy because that was Saturday. A lot of preparation to do for the Sunday mass. At around 5 in the afternoon we then had our dinner and in a little while the anticipated mass began. We joined the mass in Dutch. We never understand any of the words though but it feels good to be in the house of God. After the mass, its been a usual thing for Dutch people to have its coffee break..another cup of coffee and a little talk began. After we had the last sip of our coffee, father ask us to come up and there in our room, we had our bisayan language..really fun and the thing that i'd surely missed. We lasted our talk until father and my hubby finish the last drop of the white wine that they had while i was drinking my glass of juice. We had talk of a lot of things in life, things that are surely worth coming back. A never ending confabulation of life thats so inspiring and something that you would love to hear and talk about. We then headed home after we had our breakfast...guess what? corned beef with eggs cooked by touching..and taste really good. The joy of seeing an old friend brings, is more than seeing the place.=)

Friday, October 14, 2005

The undiscovered Mechelen

Mechelen is one of the beautiful cities in Belgium. The city unveil the beautiful culture and heritage of this city. Like any city in Europe, the atmosphere of real serene and peace is towering in Mechelen. I arrived there Friday and it was real foggy day, but that does not hinder my excitement to explore the city. Belgium is known for its chocolates and beers. Since beer is not of my lets have cognizance of the chocolates. A lot of famous chocolates really comes from Belgium and.. part of that glamour.Here are to name a few: Godiva..a luxury chocolate known all over the world originates from well as the Neuhaus..which also gain popularity in chocolate industry. They say that homemade things are crafts thats really a work that comes from the Heart...Leonida's chocolate is one of that. One more thing I notice is that confections and sweet foods are just around the corner. In this city you've also got to taste the different culinary of Seafoods. Ive got some pics of thier typical mussel in butter and take note..that is in small serving. It's really amazing! It's super! Aside from the fact that every seafood really delights my heart..this mussels added to it!

The foggy day..does not hinder my city exploration but instead gives me a more superb feeling. It seems like just a nostalgia of my childhood where fairy tales are always in my heart. the picture we have here..thats supposed to take photos of the tower of Sint a city from Fairy tales.hehehe..what an imagination! The city hall is just so amazing not to be notice..the artistic style and carvings of the building..were all preserved and maintained.Really fantastic! What's more to notice in a beautiful city like that..few tourist are visible..seems to be really undiscovered..but the good thing is..few tourist means also a more relaxed and more comfort in unveiling its beauty.

It's just a day stay in the place since we have to leave for Netherlands the next day! It's just a small city where you can just take a walk in the heart of it. Short it may seem but I really enjoy my visit and t'was certainly a whale of time. Worth a visit!