Monday, May 23, 2005


It's been so cloudy today..and everything just look so sad..I loathe days like this.It made me feel that everything is just down and desolate. It's in these days you'll never know if it will gonna rain or the sun may shine.

So..i'm thinking of a lot of things to do today!!!hmmm..let me may be best time to clean the bathroom so that i may never see the clouds outside..wash our clothes so i'll be departed from the outdoor view,and perhaps iron the clothes so i may feel its warmth. got it!!best ideas may come out from the most negative circumstances...and these may be true in the wider perspective of our lives. In most melancholic times of our life...great opportunities may come.

I think, by now,I should not loathe cloudy days..for in these days that great chances may come.=)

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