Friday, May 20, 2005


Springtime has finally arrive. This is the season i've long waited for where i can see more growing plants.The place has finally has its color from the snowy white to kaleidoscopic colors around. To be with beautiful flowers feels like so fresh and pretty.Sometimes if i just stare around and watch as the flowers are swayed by the wind..seems like its beauty was mine.Also In this season, you can find children in the playground joyfully enjoying the light rays of the sun.This is the season where you can really find the life of living, a picture painted a smile and excitement in every face.

Balcony now is my best place. Staying outside while reading a good book could really make the whole day worthwhile. Just being with nature really can wipe out boredom,stress and impediments of a having a relaxed and refreshing day.

Bicycle is the next best thing i always thought.We now can go to many places around with this little helper.To the lake,where it always brings peace and serenity.Of course seeing families around,the delicious smoke of grilling sausages,and the beautiful ladies around wearing their sexy spring suits.It reminds me to get some exercise..physical fitness?huh!!

At the end of the day..I can always thank God for the wonder of nature. His love for us is explicitly shown by all of this wonderful things around....and thanks for the springtime! Posted by Hello

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