Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finally back in Germany again!

We arrived from Ireland last August 18. I feel it has been ages that I no longer have the enthusiasm to get back to blogging again. Well lazy me, I guess. Johann (my little boy) must have been so excited, I don't have any problem with him on the plane. He just let me buckle him up, book reading and just a little need of hugging everytime little turbulence occur.You're doing a great job that's what I told him with a smile. What was really funny when we landed and as the seatbelt sign was off, he stood up and looked outside, while looking outside, nodding his head and saying "ok..ok..ok". The lady beside us was actually laughing of Johann's reaction. It was indeed a pleasant flight. Thank God for bringing us home safely.

I'll be telling about my Ireland trip in my next entries.

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jannett said...

mao man pero gmingaw mna dayon ang mga ig agaw.but an na jud baya si yoyo.murag naka feel free jud sya na ka uli na.