Sunday, September 06, 2009

The long week visit to my sister in Ireland

It has always been a dream of mine to be near with my family, but situation does not allow us to have it. And God is so good that He let me and my sister live in neighboring countries,such as Ireland and Germany, therefore seeing each other more often is something that is capable of happening. Ireland's weather is cool and damp. This is the summer where you can never hear me complaining of the heat, because heat doesn't beat too much. We always have our light jacket with us the whole time. It's not just me whose having a great time more so my little one. It's so rewarding to see him enjoying the company of his cousins. For the whole time that we were there, it's not just them who learned a lot, but just by looking at how children behave,we (I and my sister) also learned a lot from them. We would rather say they are certified "little people". It's really a lot of work but it's also lots of fun.

Our typical day there of course started with a "chaotic breakfast" where each of them(the kids of course) wanted something different, and always wanting to try what the other one is eating. Sounds peaceful right? If the weather looks lovely then playground is the next thing to go. If it's raining which is so often, then its either we stay home and play, go to indoor playground or just go to the mall. These may sound so ordinary and routine but it's definitely an occasion where you wanted not to end. Somehow making me wish that we could just be neighbors literally.

I would love to share some photos we had.

one lovely day in the nearby beach

Gormanston ground

laytowns playground

at my sister's place, after the little party for the 3 of them

at PJ'S an indoor playground

taken in front garden

We also went to National Aquatic Center, its located in Snugborough Road in Dublin, we had a superb time swimming. The kids were really enjoying, not just the kids but the the adults too. What was really memorable for all of us was when the alarm sounds, it means waves is activated. My little boy was so brave in facing the waves. I can't believe seeing him with no fear. What's unfortunate is that no camera's allowed, therefore I've nothing to show you here. We're not able to take some photos outside too because it rained just as we arrived and the rain was pouring when we're about to leave. No chance really.:(

It was a actually a 7 week long stay, we never did something extraordinary. What matters most to me are the moments that we're able to spend together.

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