Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Atlantaquaria and Corrib Village

We've been to Ireland three times already but never have the opportunity to explore it. This time we got the chance to visit Galway. We spent 3 days in this lovely place.It is around 3 and a half drive from Co.Meath (near Dublin City). As we arrived, the first stop we've got was the Atlantaquaria. It's an indoor aquarium, the place is not overwhelmingly fantastic but just enough to make the little ones enjoy it. What made it commendable is not the place itself but the guided tour for children. They were able to touch the star fishes and crabs in a way that these animals will not be hurt and of course safe enough for the children. They also participated in feeding the fishes which certainly was a fantastic experience for the kids. Here are some photos we had.

touching the star fish
having fun with the fishes
at sea promenade, super windy
corrib village
corrib village playground

We stayed in one of the university apartments in Corrib Village, a home to students of National University of Ireland in Galway. It's a budget accomodation situated in the heart of the city. The only thing that I find not so impressive is the room cleanliness. It's not dirty though but not impeccably clean,which for me, the most important. Its atmosphere compensates the whole thing. The environment is so relaxing and child-friendly. We ended the day strolling the place and enjoying the playground. The kids absolutely had fun, and for parents, seeing the kids having fun is certainly a whale of time.


Gi-Ann said...

this place looks heavenly sis..really nice. =)
I wish i could go there too by merely watching your photos..

Miss you and your blog sis.
Have a great week ahead.

Grace said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, Joe-anne, but honestly, I wish my husband and I can go there someday. :)