Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Oh!ranges of different things:)

Life is full of colors indeed. It's my first time to join this "meme". Colors can be so interesting. It made me realize that each color actually says something and it's only then I realize how much orange invaded my home. I like this happy color anyway. I can never think of orange in a gloomy way. Even the falling of the leaves that turned orange still a sprightly sight for me.

an orange vase for the herb in the kitchen

 Kumquat, it is not very often that we have this at home. I like it so much, it satisfies my longing for our traditional calamondin or lemonsito in the Philippines.

 Oh! I so love Persimmon

  candle center piece

 dish cloth

orange chair cushion and place mat

Winter can be so cold and gloomy. Having warm colors at home can at least defy the effects of nature. This meme made me think how we often forget  simple gifts in life. Can you imagine the world without colors? Definitely, colors are something we should thank God for. May you have a colorful day!


daisy said...

nice pop of color! :) love that color too!

Joe-ann said...

@daisy, thanks a lot :)