Sunday, July 03, 2005

Parish (Unterschleissheim)

I was a bit amazed to see how different St.Ulrich Parish from St.Korbinian Parish.The latter was the parish where we used to attend mass during Sundays.There I find people nice and really formal.I used to say that parishioner there seems to be so traditional and really just so amazingly solemn. Children who cried during the mass are hastily brought outside by their parents for them to maintain the solemnity of the mass and perhaps not disturb other people from the baby's cry. Parishioner are organizely lined up for communion during Eucharistic Celebration.This is one of the things that really amazes me and made me think..Could this be possible in the Philippines?..,where the first row has to stand up first and take the communion and then..other rows follow orderly.At first I feel that people there are little bit cold but time goes by..I learn to like the atmosphere and feel comfortable with the people around.The feeling of comfort and belongingness was not instant but I learn to like it after all.

Jerome actually had an idea that there is a Parish that is a little bit nearer to our flat..and that is St.Ulrich.He once went there to attend mass but unfortunately seems like there has been no service at that the time.Since then..we never tried going our way to St.Ulrich since we didn't know the schedule of the masses.Last Monday a pamphlet from St.Ulrich was distributed announcing its preparation for the world youth day and have its schedule for the masses included in it. As we we're browsing it..we decided to attend the Sunday mass there.This is our first time to attend a mass in St. Ulrich Parish..and coincedentally it is their Feastday.The attendance was really overwhelming and the songs sang are lively and modern. I find the fellowship warmer and a little bit relax. What's most interesting to witness is the kids playing the flute as part of the choir.The priest really interacts during the sign of peace by roaming around the church and greeted everybody.It's kind a different from the usual setting that i witness during my Sunday mass.Communion here ist not as organized as the St.Korbinian parish did.Parishioner just stand their line as they want,just like the usual way i witness in the Philippines.

Both Parish are really worth to be given credit for their effort, in really giving service and spreading the goodnews of God.They may be set in a very different manner but one thing is for sure..both of them let me feel the presence of God and its Holiness with it.People from its respective parish may be so different in their way of celebration,but they all show God in thier own way.I am really thankful for this day that we have found St.Ulrich..seeing a lot of people coming to the house of God just add up energy and enthusiasm within our soul and made us realize that the living God dwells in our hearts.

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