Sunday, July 24, 2005

food stories

Yesterday,tuna was been our dish for breakfast and I cooked some pinoy style spaghetti-the sweet taste tomato sauce..for lunch as well as dinner.I don't usually eat a lot in dinner there has been a spaghetti sauce leftover. Since its Sunday,we attended a mass and right afterI become so hungry.It's already a late breakfast so what we have are the leftovers -the tuna and spaghetti sauce. I made the tuna a sandwich and the spaghetti as a sauce for nachos sprinkled with mozarella cheese.It's yummy!=)we had after all a breakfast that is a real quick to prepare. Jerome promised me that he'll gonna cook kare-kare for our lunch.I've been so excited 'coz it's been really a while that i never had the taste of the famous peanut sauce. The ingredients were not really complete, we just utilize what we have in the kitchen.Guess what!it turned out to be like an authentic kare-kare from cabalen! I should have taken a picture of it,unfortunately I forgot and too late to take the time the thought of it cross in my mind.=(ubos na eh!

We're supposed to go to Flughafen but we're just so lazy to go outside.Jerome is actually teasing me that I am couch potato. I only watch tv and that's almost for the whole day and have my break if its eating time! Today, is another ordinary weekend but filled so much with food trip stories.


Anonymous said...

Hi joe,

as in feeling wife jud lugar imu role dira... anyway, tagsa ra ko mgvisit imo site oi if la na jud lain tan-awunon. joke ra pud oi....

bitaw,until here.

i miss you

Joe-ann said...

hi aim,

thanks for taking time to drop by my blog.miss u too!