Sunday, July 17, 2005

thanks to summer!

Summer time here is different from the usual sunny days in the Philippines. The sun set here at around 9 to 10 in the evening. It really feels good that you still can do a lot of things even it seems to be late night already. I look forward to having this things enjoyed the whole season. But now..things are not happening the way i expect it to be. These days feels like spring time again. The temperature are colder and oftentimes it rains so badly. I could just be happier if we'll have the whole sunshine in a week. Unsure I may be..wether it will rain or not..this season is the best. Sunshine reflects a smile in every face, just like in any poetry that i've read.

I enjoy to see the wheat turning comes to my senses that harvest season is coming. This is the first time i've got to see these things for real, and its awesome.The picture that i have here is taken when were on our way to "lidl" to buy some food stuff.It's indeed a season to be merry. The warm feeling inside to see little girls and boys playing and enjoying the summertime. Such a great delight to my eyes.

We now can play badminton outside.30 minutes is enough to really have fun while shuttlecocks flying so high.Jerome and I were not really good at this things..but we get to enjoy playing it. It's really fun and at the same time it makes you physically fit. I hate having aerobics activities so this may be a better alternative. And the only way we can do it without cost is during summer time. My great thanks to summer season! Posted by Picasa

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