Wednesday, August 24, 2005

WYD 2005 in Cologne

We were not a registered pilgrims for this event. We we're just merely observer or visitor. When we arrived at Cologne on Saturday, the number of young people out there was so overwhelming. Carrying different flags from different countries. Of course, we're looking at once for our very own flag and there we find some youth delegates from the Philippines. They were so few in numbers that the next day we never saw any of them.This event may seem to be just a mere gathering of the youth but that's not what i see. There is more of it. This occasion promotes the essence of equality and friendship. In this event, everybody seems to be your friend. Every people you meet gives you a smile and offer a help whenever you need it. The feeling is just so fantastic. It's indeed great! With this event for sure its not just a time to be merry but of course also to sacrifice a bit. Marienfield- the area where the vigil took place was really far from the city area, and is not so accessible to public transport. Of course there were buses which were designated to bring us back and forth to city but still, they seem not to be enough.The picture i have here is just part of what we actually walked into just to reach the marienfield. It's really fun actually,the problem with me that time is "I'd really like to pee", and the portable toilet is still so far. So, i feel a bit uneasy and of course being exhausted, add to uneasiness is I've got a fever. But of course we still get there having fun together.

The WYD at Cologne was well prepared and just amazing. There were a lot of portable toilets placed around the marienfield, the division of places is well organized, a lot of first aid helpers around and volunteers for any concern and there were plenty of food for the pilgrims and visitors. Unfortunately were not able to take a lot of pictures because we arrived there just right the mass started.Though everything seems to be organized and prepared, we were still stucked in traffic on our way to the hotel for an hour or two. Our legs were just so tired since we were just standing. But of course, eventhough how tiresome the event was..its worth being there. We went home painted with a smile.

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