Thursday, August 25, 2005

am Dom in Cologne

I'd like to make it am Dom because this the place we most went into in Cologne. From the time we got to ride a train,it's just across the Hauptbanhof.Not so good that we're not able to climb in its tower to have an overview of the whole city.The church was flooded with crowd that we decided to find other places to see.But even if you were not able to climb the tower,just by looking how this church was built would already give you so much feeling of awe.City of Cologne is one of the beautiful cities that I went to. A lot of friendly faces and lots of english speaking people. We never have the hard time trying to speak in German because most of the people we communicated spoke to us in English. The food were good and a little bit cheaper compared to Munich. We never got a meal for two that exceeded at 20 Euro. Even during nightime, I expected food to be more expensive just like here in Munich..but fortunately it was not.Still you can fill your stomach with good food at lesser cost. The Rhein is obviously not so clean with transparent water but its existence just warm up your feeling.The view of its horizon along the river is just so fulfilling and refreshing. You'll feel so relaxed and serene. We took a roundtrip boat ride from zoobridge to the other end of the bridge just along the Rhein river, it's not so spectacular but it really made me feel so good. The air that touches your hair and the sound of the water made it more so peaceful. Seems like all the hassles and buzzles of the city were kept. Chocolate museum made the city more awesome.Hmm..lots of yummy chocolates. How they were created is just so sweet to see.hehehe. Aside from the fact that i love chocolates a lot...the museum reminds me that this could be a good industry in our country. I tried looking at the map they had if we were included as one of the countries who supplies cacao.Unfortunately...were not at the list. This could be so abundant in our place. I remember when i was child we had a lot of trees like this in our backyard, only it's not of very special kind, I think it's the wild one, but considering were in tropical country,plants like these could just be so abundant.

The trip to Cologne is just short but we really had a great time! I know theres a lot moreto see and discover. I thank God that eventhough I got a slight fever... He made me feel okay and let me enjoy the trip.

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yummy!! lamia oi!