Saturday, August 06, 2005

amazing ways!

A lot of ways here in Germany amazes me a lot. From the train tickets to self picking of fruits or flowers. The picture I have here is taken when we're on our way to train station. This is at Furtweg strasse. Different flowers are planted here depending on its season. During summertime, this is what you've got to see here.The sunflower you see is just so awesome. I can't help myself but just have to take some photos of it. What astonish me more is the system. It is all based in trust. You have to pick the flowers by yourself and just put the payment in the box without anybody supervising. The funny thing that cross my that what if there's a little bit of dishonesty in your heart. You may just pick a flower without leaving a penny. So pessimistic it may look but the possibility is just so certain. This system may not gonna work in our country, i guess, but these things seems to be working here. Of course,there may be a lot of reasons why things work out in one place and not in other spot. We're not gonna tackle it in here..but i'm hopeful enough that someday,somehow things like this could also work in our country and looking forward to a lot of amazing ways!

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