Tuesday, September 27, 2005

oktoberfest '05

It's an occasion for merry making and beer drinking. Sounds really exciting and fun! I don't drink beer because i hate its bitter taste, though it seems to be the core of this celebration, I still feel the excitement to really witness what's with the celebration. So we went to Theresienweise or die Weisn(which means the meadow,Bavarian dialect) for short. We just roam around the place and get to taste some of the food they had. The place is surrounded with lots of brewery from Germany.I've got some pics here. There were also plenty of cute and amazing souveniers. We never get to have one,anyway, the celebration is yearly...so not really a must to have it 'coz you'll get to see these things around the next time. The glaciered fruit were so just so sweet not to be noticed. They look so inviting so we tried it. It taste good, well definitely a fruity taste blended with the sweet confection. I took some pics of it. Surely so yummy to see and in very festive mood.Aside from the sweet things they had, we also tried the half meter bratwurst. There's nothing really so special about it aside from its size. It taste like the ordinary bratwurst that you'll find around the city, but it looks so cute..and special. I love to see people enjoying the rides but i never get to enjoy it myself. I get easily drizzled with dizziness in a roller coaster rides. The rides here are so fun to look at and it really made you crazy. The people up there riding seems to be in a turbulent spaceship. I'm sure i can't really make it myself so we never tried any of them, but of course... i've got pics there for you to see.

I'm not feeling well a bit because of some allergy attacks...so we had to leave the place early. For the short time walking around and seeing lots of people celebrating and merry making makes your heart in a real glow. So good to see. It reminds me that there is really time for everything..no matter how much the world seems to be chaotic, no matter how you feel bad about things..these gave me courage and inspiration that everything will pass and a time for merrymaking is surely to come.

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