Thursday, September 15, 2005

a weekend in Linkoeping

Our trip to Linkoeping started with a ride from Stockholm city center train station. It's about 2 hours and 15 minutes ride to Linkoeping.It is the fifth largest city in Sweden. As we arrive from the station, we were fetched by ate lenlen with his hubby and little cute son. We were fortunate to have friends like them who welcomed us with great hospitality. We right away went to their home and had our lunch with them. We were enjoying the tacos and wraps. 'Te lenlen is such a good cook. It is quite apparent that the Swedish art and style are more elaborate compared to Germans. I like the way houses were set. What amaze me is that most of their houses there are really made of wood. I thought of it as peculiar for a cold country..but it really is. As were done with our tacos and wraps we headed to Flygvapen museum to gaze the archaic fighter jets. It's a lot of fun and pretty amazing. You could even have a chance to ride with these jets,just look at my pics in here.We then had a short glimpse of their old town. The picture I have here is a toilet.I really thought of it as something like a prayer room not until i read the label toalett. The buildings here long existed in certain areas in linkoeping and was move here to be all in one place. These may look so old but what's interesting is all of these until now are still operational. I'm very much astonished at the same time very much enjoyed. We also had a small walk to the city center of Linkoeping. It's a clean and beautiful city. It's been a long day so we then have our way home. We were so touched by the preparation they had for us. Ate lenlen's hubby was doing all the cooking for dinner. It's a typical swedish food, and it was so delectable. I have here the pics just right before we had dinner. So toothsome right? We then had our confabulation which lasted until 11 p.m.

It is indeed a very short time for such a beautiful occasion. We need to make haste because our return flight to munich is at four in the afternoon. We then only catch a glimpse on their wondrous park there before catching the train going back to stockholm. It is without doubt a wonderful weekend. Memories like these are my greatest souvenier.

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