Tuesday, September 13, 2005

stockholm's legacy

It's a two-hour and 10 minutes flight from Munich to Stockholm. I was so excited when the plane was on the ground, finally I'll be able to see one of the oldest city in europe. Just right at the arrival before the customs area, you can see the money exchange station. So I hastily went there and have my 50 euro be exchange with SEK currency (Sweden Kronor), I thought,I really gonna need it at the arlanda train station for the tickets going to stockholm city center. The picture I have here is the train tickets machine.Credit cards could also be used in purchasing tickets. One thing i've noticed is that credit card is almost acceptable anywhere and everywhere. Jerome picked me up at the arlanda Stockholm city center station and it is there that our small walk tour began. Our hotel was just along Drottninggatan..so we started from there. The place was really nice. There's a lot of coffee shops and amazingly lots of asian restaurants..from japanese,chinese,thai,malaysian, and even mongolians resto. But of course we never tried any of them.We choose to have scandinavian foods. Foods here are really great,here are some pics of what we had for our dinner. Goods here are a little bit expensive compared to Germany. Along our walk from Drottninggatan heading to the old town of stockholm..there you can find a lot of beautiful sight. Old buildings along the coast and bridges that let you have a view of the other side of city was so admirable. Buildings here had already existed as early as 19th century,but they were still intact and sturdy. How Stockholm may look like in early centuries are of course much different from now, but buildings there that stood still and strong is somewhat the legacy of thier forefathers to them.It looks like a city of history combined with hi technology. It looks like a bigger version of Venice. A feeling of nostalgia struck me a little. Sometimes seeing a lot of things that could have made you think that's its from the past..feels like a bittersweet longing for home.

It's my first time to see 7-11 convenience store..I am very much surprised so i posed and got some pics with it. The weather is pretty good that day but a little colder than Munich. The people were nice and all of the stores we've entered had an english speaking service. Real good for tourist. We really had a great time in Stockholm.It's just a short walk blended with our small talk that made it more interesting.

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