Wednesday, November 09, 2011

"And there was light that’s why I’m bright"

lighting in our dining area now

It’s been almost 2 years since we moved to our place now. I recall how we set things up little by little until everything seems complete. Even how sophisticated and glamorous the furniture you put, I don’t know if you agree with me, it is always the lighting that will complete the whole look of the house and of course it’s you who will make it a home. I am minimalist in almost all aspect so we actually bought the very basic ones and now not even a year one lighting bites the dust and then the next one and so on. I was quite disappointed really, somehow reliable source and good quality matters after all. So now I’m looking for a lighting retailer that specializes in indoor and outdoor lighting product. I am thinking of a contemporary modern pendant lighting for the dining area. I should say in our home, dining area is the part where lighting is always in use. Now, I’m giving you an idea of how much time we spent on dining. Pendant style is very functional in times where you need just a little light on specific area. Even before we settle for the lighting that we have right now(the one in the picture above), I was hoping to have the pendant style but just could not find the right one. Contemporary vanity lights would also be perfect for the bathroom. We have a small bathroom and there’s not much that you can do, and lighting would glam it up. I’m more into modern look, so contemporary light fixtures are the ones that I need and that suits my taste well. Winter is fast approaching, the days are becoming shorter so light will make things bright. It may be outdoor or indoor we all need light, more so in this time of the year. I’m very much excited with the new lighting to give a new look and shall I say a house revamp. With the new lighting winter can never be so cold after all.

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