Monday, November 07, 2011

Disneyland Again!

My son's smile and laughter is an instant vacation. That is something he carry with him all through out the time that we were in Disneyland park. It was a fantastic time for all of us. Now that he's 5, gosh! how time flies, he enjoyed more this time. His fascination for Toy Story made this visit more interesting. Just by looking the way how my little boy was in so much awe of the characters he met, gave me so much joy. It is indeed true that joy comes from seeing others happy. Nothing much change in Disneyland since the last time we visited the place. He still enjoyed the “It’s a small world” boat ride. Here are some pictures for you to see.

The real winner this time was “Buzz Light Year” ride. The smile on Johann’s face was unending. He’s like floating in the sky. You should see these pictures then.

Of course before going home having a souvenir is such a great delight. He got the miniature set of the Toy story.

These toys are the memento of this visit but they can get broken, only memories can last forever, and therefore always been the greatest souvenir.

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jannet said...

yup...its true memories are the only souvenier that last a lifetime