Thursday, November 10, 2011


Laterne is the german word for lantern. It's customary in almost all kindergarten in Germany to have this kind of celebration every November. They call it St. Martin's day where kids are encourage to make their lanterns and as darkness comes, the parents and children with their paper lantern will go out side and have its procession.

In Johann's kindergarten we started with the children singing and their teacher playing the musical instrument. Then, they had a short story telling about St. Martin. Followed by a simple presentation with candles. It's fun to see the kids singing and doing some interpretative dance and actions. After that, we then started the procession. My little boy did a good job with his lantern, he's holding it with great care. By the way, the light in this paper lantern is a tea candle. The procession took about 15 minutes or more. And as we all came back, we ended it with a small bonfire while enjoying the cookies, sweets and hot children punch. It was a fun filled activity for all of us. Here are some pictures we had.

the story telling
the interpretative dance
lantern procession
showing off the paper lantern
small bonfire


Sandee said...

How fun. What a wonderful evening indeed. What a little cutie pie too.

Have a terrific day. :)

Joe-ann said...

thanks sandee, have a nice day too!

Health Buzz said...

Cool... lovely pics! :)

Joeann said...

@health buzz, thanks a lot.:)


Thanks my dear. I just Follow your Blog..I hope to see you again..:-)

Gianetta said...

What an interesting custom; thanks for sharing!