Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Discover the Island Mainau

When my mother in law and sis-in law came here in Germany for vacation last year, My hubby and I thought of bringing them in Mainau. It is an island in Lake Constance where it is preserved as a garden Island and a model of environmental practice. It's located in the south shore of Ueberlinger See near the city of Konstanz, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany. This little island in the heart of Europe never fails to bring us in wonderment. You'll be captivated with the beauteous sight of the lake as we took the boat ride going to the island. It's around 11 A.M and the line going to the entrance was long so we decided to have our lunch first before taking pleasure of seeing the beauty of this mysterious Island. The buzzing bees catches our attention that lead us to find this one.

Gosh! I told to myself, I thank goodness that I wasn't wearing a sweet fruit scented perfume or else these bees will be chasing me. The variety of flowers depends on what season. We went there middle summer so these are the abundant blooms for the season. These big figures form with flowers are all heavenly for me. It really gives you the feeling of delight and awe, how those creative hands of individual who made these lovely flowers and plants more interesting.

The carriage full of tourist added the quality of pleasure brought to our mind and senses. There are also trees featured in different variety. If you're in Europe and your longing for the tropical feel and don't much have the luxury of time to peregrinate in tropical countries, then Mainau will fulfill it. The island has a marvelous butterfly house and made into a tropical environment condition. We were all sweating, as we enjoy the sight of different variety of butterflies and plants. It brought nostalgia to me, I felt like I'm in the Philippines. They also have Palm houses in the island. Amazing right? And if you have young children with you in this journey, the island also offers something for the little ones. The playground.

The feeling of being with nature is so relaxing. The presence of elderly is so visible, it obviously indicates that the place is really a good place to unwind, where there is stress-free and loose environment. I would love to visit back the place.


yen said...


this is the link, pls grab it if you have the time

Unknown said...

That is so beautiful and creative
I agree...the bees would not have been a fun part of the trip.
Thank you so much for sharing your photos:)

Nessa said...

Lovely purple flowers! Are they Passion fruit flowers?

Dhemz said...

oh my! these are fabulous...very artistic and so natural...love it Mami Joe..thanks for sharing!

Joe-ann said...

@Dorothy and Dhemz,

Glad you liked it.


Forgot the name,I'll try to check and post later the names of it.

Michelle said...

Wow, looks like an amazingly beautiful place to visit. I love all the flower shapes. Very cool! Thanks for stopping by today.

kikamz said...

hi jo! this is such a nice place to visit. i love flowers kasi! will be sure to list this one so we can visit it one of these days. nwei, thanks for informing me about the family zentrum. will check it out next week! hugs!