Tuesday, June 09, 2009

One Fine day at the Zoo

Raining! that was the weather forecast last Sunday, yet we decided to go somewhere. Remember we dreaded to go to the zoo last easter but was unlucky enough to get a parking space? Right after the mass we just felt we need to go somewhere else, 'twas not planned, and with Johann's fascination for animals we right away thought of the "Zoo" again! We arrived at "Tierpark Hellabrun" just before lunch, the parking lot was almost full and our little boy had fallen asleep. Perfect, we can have a good lunch with my hubby while our little boy is recharging his energy. Children under 4 years old are free, so only my hubby and I have to pay for the entrance fee. That costed 9 euro each. We then head to the nearest entrance and that is where these flamingos are located. Look how lovely these pink creatures are.

The zoo is big enough for you to enjoy all the animals, so we decided to just pick the animals that Johann knew already. Indeed, the feeling is so rewarding to see your little boy with so much awe and joy seeing the animals. He's having a wonderful time with the fishes. Here are some pics of it.

Just as we gazed this gigantic elephant, Johann kept on saying "elephant", so nice to know that your child can now identify some animals. The zoo animals was placed according to continent, so we opt to "AFRICA" because this is where the animals that Johann is most familiar with. Of course along the way, we passed by on some other animals like red panda, iguana and asian elephant. It's so funny because eventhough how much we told him that "oh! there's a leopard! he kept on insisting that it's a tiger. Here are few photos of some animals that Johann had gazed upon:

The most interesting part for me, is the "children's zoo" where you can be with these friendly animals. We chose the goats, at first our little boy was a bit afraid, but as soon as he saw me petting the goat, he also did the same.

It was a one fine day indeed, no rain showers & slightly warm weather. The 3 of us then munch a pack of popcorn before we headed home.


Dhemz said...

wow! ang ganda talaga ng panahon Mami Joe ano...that was great...we love to bring Akesha to the Zoo...she loves animal as well...:) thanks for sharing...seems like you had a great time...what a great day to spend quality time with the family...:)

mckhoii said...

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Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

We love going to the zoo! It's always fun and a great place to walk for exercise too! Plus, we have a yearly membership so can go as often as we want for just $40 a year. my favorite animals are the monkeys and the red panda.

Bless said...

We need to go back to the zoo too since our DD can enjoy watching and petting animals already :-)

Unknown said...

I so love Zoo's. I wish the animals would feel like they are at home ..Although.. Sometimes It saddens me to see them look so lost!

It is such a fun place to watch children's expression :)

fedhz said...

Wow! can't wait to bring Yz to the zoo. she loves animals! ang ganda ng zoo jan. do you know ocean world? meron dito sa may luneta daw. have you heard about that? ma-appreciate na naman nila diba? 2 palang si Yz eh. ilang taon na ba si Johann?

kikamz said...

ang mga bata talaga joe, pag nasa zoo, natutuwa! i guess animals will never cease to fascinate and amaze them. a visit to the zoo is always a delight for our samantha too.

so you are from mindanao? where? kami naman, from davao city. happy weekend!