Friday, June 12, 2009

Fish fillet in soysauce

It was a lazy Saturday, all I wanna do is sit in the couch and watch a movie. My hubby whose always been understanding and generous willingly volunteered to cook for lunch. We all love fish dishes, and a special request of mine definitely would be a "fish for lunch please". Johann and I was playing and cuddling while the smell and aroma of the cooked fish made us both hungry. By the way, here's what my loving hubby cooked for us.

4 pcs. fish fillet (shark catfish or pangasius)
1 clove of garlic
1 thumb size ginger
1 pc. red bell pepper (sweet variety)
1 tsbp. soy sauce
sunflower oil

Slice all the vegetable thinly and fry it until crispy, then set aside.Use little oil as possible.Keep warm. Season the fish with salt. Fry until golden brown. This time make sure you have a teaspoon of oil left from frying for you will be using this with the fried fish. Lay the fish on a plate, pour the oil left. Garnish with the fried paprika, ginger and garlic. Pour a tablespoon of soy sauce and that's it. A delish lunch for us. Quite simple but I should say very flavorful and satisfying dish. For fish lover you should give it a try.


Gi-Ann said...

ansarap! it looks so good even sa photo what more sa original sight.

"fish for lunch please" really.

Dhemz said...

oh are very lucky Mami Joe...your hubby knows how to cook...hahahaha..galing! si hubby ko kahit rice hilaw...buti nalang may rice cooker...hehhee....:)

sarap naman nito...oh how I love fish..lalo na kung fresh na fresh...:) friday pa dito...hehehe!

mckhoii said...

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Anonymous said...

Akala mo ba'y matatakot mo ako at masisindak na hindi halata ..?? Hah!!! Sumagot kA...SagUt!!!

kikamz said...

the fish looks so yum and that's a very healthy dish too! your hubby is so sweet to cook for you! lucky you.

anyway, i have awards for you dear. please come get it. here's the link:

have a great week!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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