Thursday, June 02, 2005

Game Cube

The first time I arrived here in's already winter time,and snow has started to fall.My dear hubby told me that we'll gonna go on rowing..???I really don't get it.Rowing during winter time?He calmly answered "yes. Having no idea that what he's talking about was the rowing game in Monkey Ball-a gamecube game.So as he started to set up the game cube..I finally understand what he's talking about.I don't see this things in the Philippines,or maybe I'm just really outdated in these kind of stuff.

I started to enjoy this party game..with the Monkey Ball and later the warioware became more interesting.What i like about this game is that it never pushes hard on you.Simple rules.A game where you just can relax,you can play the game without thinking at all.No strategies to learn..just play.Later, we exchanges games from my hubbies colleague.There the Mario party came and a lot more.

What's more interesting now is the "Konga pak".It's like drums but more of a game.You play while enjoying the music.A game really for 3 years old - up i guess.It's a whole lot of fun.It may be intended for a very young age but people like my age could enjoy it too,just like i do,or perhaps I'm just a little peculiar..that's why i like it.(hahaha)

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