Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Star wars fever

Starwars has finally have its 3rd episode on its prequel.Trying to refresh the other episodes..we had it marathon for a week,after we watched the "The revenge of the Sith" in the cinema..locating the vcd's for the episodes 4,5,6 and eventually borrowed dvd's for the episodes 1 and 2 were the next thing that we did.This seems to be totally crazy,but a lot of fun of course.I'd love to be crazy sometimes and it could rejuvenate me somehow.

Yoda was never really cute in its appearance but i like this character so much.His bizarre way of speaking the english language made it more beauteous and his being sagacious made him an important character.

Starwars has just became so special because of its staying power.Decades may passed but this movie would still be loved by many.It really has an appeal to almost all walks of life. I just look forward for the next episodes to come and of course be able to enjoy this movie once more.Next would mean an episode 0 or 7,whatever i just don't long as its starwars!!love it!

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