Thursday, June 16, 2005


It's been almost a month that i never joined the german class in jerome's office. I just love to stay home lately and do nothing. I never made some reviews on the past lessons that we had.Now i have the animation to attend and I was like definitely lost when i heard the passive form in present,past and past perfect. I just need to refresh those things. But anyway as we go on I was like back and ready to learn once again. It pushes me really to have a more serious disposition in learning all these stuff. I know this is not easy and at the same time not as hard, i only need a determination and develop my interest to learn. It's not something that i just like i guess but i need to at the same time. I need this for my daily duel in this foreign land. The language is really well structured but really just hard. well..well.. i need to get started again. Learn new words and say it often. I think i have to broaden my selective thinking and include the german language as one of the important points. Maybe try this at home with my lovey dovey...really???We've been trying this for so long but just work for a few minutes...and here we go,the vernacular takes place ..hehehe.Seriously, Ab sofort muß ich deutsche Sprache wirklich erlernen...egal,was passiert!!!

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Anonymous said...

How more lost can one be to be lost in the heart and soul.

Nights awakening, with hopes darkening.

I am to men as though a head yet, a servant, and men to me, as though masters, yet pitiful people.

To lead like a leader and to follow like a leader, and follow without sorrow.

Lost. How lost can I be?

How could music be music when music troubles music?

Hope God sees passion and frees us from every frustration...

*The Ensemble fell apart.

I had a bad day

I know how you feel.

But I am totally more lost than the lost.. Something like the Plusquam Perfekt. Mehr los als die lose...

Plusquam Perfekt
more past than the past