Monday, June 13, 2005


I just felt so sad 'bout what's happening now in my dear country. Seems like no one learns the mistakes from the past. Still no unity and still facing this grave poverty. Seems like a telenovela that most filipino love to watch..unending tragedy and full of desolation.I just hope it would also end the way telenovela's often do.Successful and triumphant.More often than not, there's only a thin line that separates the real good intentions of governance or just mere politicking. But i'm not loosing hope.. I know this beautiful and God fearing country will soon rise and stood up for the truth, fight the impediments and make this once a beautiful place to live in. I know it sound so ironic that seems i speak like i'm there and i'm feeling the pain and have the tactual sensation of the aggravating situation. But believe me even if you are far away but you still have left your heart in your country,the feeling is more pathetic..Just being a filipino by name but was never there for your country.I could only hope and pray for the best.

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