Friday, June 24, 2005

Tree of Life

See that coconut behind me?that cost 0.60 euro per piece in Venice.It really amazes me how this very abundant fruit in our place and often just discarded cost this much.This really might be because of its scarcity in europe or even unavailable, and most importantly,this fruit is very good for the health.It improves digestion and can increase the body's metabolic rate - and it improves healthy cholesterol while reducing unhealthy cholesterol.

Coconut tree is regarded as tree of life because from its roots to the tip of its leaves...there can be many uses for it. I love coconut so much..from "buko juice" to "butong" thats how we call it in Mindanao, a young meat of buko, and dishes with coconut milk. It makes me think how lucky we are in the Philippines whose "Buko" is such so abundant and we can even eat it without cost..libre lang!Another great blessing from God for us in the tropical countries.Posted by Hello

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