Thursday, May 21, 2009

One brand but differ in how they are called

I love ice cream. Any brand would fill me up. I'm just simply nuts when it comes to the word I-C-E C-R-E-A-M. Way back my childhood days, we used to buy selecta(Philippines) icecream back home.So these might be the reason why I  easily recognized its logo. It surprised me to see it, named differently, "Langnese" that's how it's called in german. I'd picked it up anyway and  filled my craving. Just before our little  angel arrived, we had few trips to nearby countries to appease ourselves from our longing to wander. It was quite easy to do five years ago because we only have to think of ourselves. These are some of the photos of the icecream's logo I've got few years ago. 

This was taken in Vienna, Austria

This was taken in Mechelen, Belgium
This was taken in Stockholm, Sweden
(According to wikipedia it's GB Glace in Sweden, so this might just be part of their selection)

This was taken in Venice, Italy

Not just ice cream, beauty product as well. I'm a fan of  Oil of Olay. I knew the product for a long time. So when my skin was complaining with the beauty regimen that I brought along with me from the Philippines, I thought, maybe buying what is local might help. So I started my quest to find a new one. And there I stumble upon Olaz. It looks like Oil of Olay. Yes, it's indeed the same product though named differently, to suit to what sounds pleasing and realistic to each country.

What about you, are you also surprise to see some products you knew but named differently?


Nessa said...

Hi Joe-Ann! :)

This particular brand of ice cream is called Wall's in Malaysia.

Have a nice day.

Joe-ann said...

thanks Nessa for the info.=)

psycha said...

Hi . dropped here to give you some smiles