Friday, May 08, 2009

Paper works

I was so excited to see what's inside the long envelope we received from kindergarten. It's been almost a month now since we received confirmation of Johann's slot in Struwelpeter Kindergarten. Much to my surprise, it's a 30 pages document and all are in German.These are all the papers we need to read and fill up for the registration. My hubby jestingly said oh!it's like we're buying a house. I grumble because I hate so much paper work and I hardly understand the words written in it. My german is not good enough for this. Well, they say this is a typical german. German bureaucracy as they call it. I have nothing against it for this may do good to us in the future. When everything is in writing then you can never go wrong for there's always something you can read back and make things verified and cleared. I was just astounded of how long and how much paper work it is. =)


desperateblogger said...

30 pages just to enter kindergarten?hahaha... that bad huh?

HotMomma said...

I wonder how Germany will manage to enroll all their kindergarten kids if they had as many as the Philippines', hehehe!
By the way, thanks for dropping by HotMomma. Yes, that was a rape field, the one you saw in my post.

God bless you!

Bless said...

Happy Mother's day diay :-) ingat mo dha.