Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In every thing we do, somehow there's always someone or something that inspires us. I've been into writing blogs already but not religiously. I find it actually fun, it feels like talking to someone out there, expressing your thoughts freely.But seeing 'te Blessie's blog ( me enthused to do more. She's my inspiration. I admire how she can express spur of the moments thoughts and ideas without hesitation. Reading back my old entries made me realize that there are lots of things that are happening to us that we might felt so mundane, but then if we try to look back on things, these are actually  important occasions that has material effect to what we are and what we have now.

Blogging really has touch many lives. Where ordinary person like me can express thoughts to the world. We all have heroes, and in blogging  I should say, 'te Bless is mine.=)

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Bless said...

oh! I'm touched Jo. But, yeah, blogging can really be fun. It's a nice way also of chronicling various moments in our day to day lives.
Keep writing Jo. I love reading your entries :-) God bless!