Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We received a letter from "Kindergarten Struwwelpeter" informing us that Johann has now a reserved place for kindergarten this coming September. Sounds like an announcement? =)Yes,indeed it is.I'm just so glad that he already had a place in that kindergarten because that's the nearest one to where we are residing. Aside from it's in the same street as ours, you can actually get there  from the underground parking. So near,right? It would save me time and effort in sending my little "yoyo" to school. Why "yoyo" I'll tell you in my next entry. You should register your child at least 6 mos in "Rathaus" (that is how they call Municipal Office) for your child to have a reserved place in Kindergarten. "Rathaus" will be the one to decide in which kindergarten your child would be.Of course you will have the privilege to state your preferred schools/kindergartens. But then, they would still be the one to decide, availability of course can be a factor.We've been in the place already and I liked it. Everything is organize and yoyo was comfortable with the place. He even played freely the first time we visited the place for "kennen lernen" or getting-to-know meeting last march. In that meeting it was explained to us how the kindergarten operates and its rules. You should bring your child on or before 9 am. After 9 am door will be closed. The parents will be given a list of the things that their child should bring and what not to bring. No bringing of food (all sorts), no beverages. They will be the one to provide for all of these. I was a bit worried at first because yoyo is picky, but then, as the teacher go on explaining the importance of independence and healthy eating, it consoled me. Yoyo is so clingy, so it might actually help. No formal ABC's and mathematics yet, only fun learning, they will be singing,dancing, painting ,playing and doing things together. 

One need not to be in kindergarten so early, considering that they're still so young and all they need at 3 is to be a child and enjoy it. That's exactly what this kind of kindergarten is all about, just being with other kids. I feel the need for johann to really have it because he has no one to play with most of the time. I'm looking forward to it, and hoping that my little yoyo would like and enjoy it.

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Bless said...

Jo glad to know you already have reservation for Johan's K school. It's also the same here. You need to make reservation to earn a spot for the opening of school. Our DD is still two this year so I am only looking for a playgroup, but no luck yet. Maybe when I go back to work end of this year we can enroll her in day care that is curriculum based.