Sunday, April 26, 2009

lost and found=)

Last year we bought a "Jahreskarte" a ticket to legoland for one year. Its expiry would be tomorrow so we thought of going to legoland just before it would expire. To God's blessings,yes we actually went yesterday, my family with some friends. Though it's not our first time to the place, I'm still amaze how legos were made. With good friends and my family around, we really had a great time. 'twas really a whale of time ,I should say.We went back to Munich and looking forward to a dinner together in Ed's place(with her equally nice wife dottie and daughter dani). Everything seems perfect not until I realized that I left my bag in legoland.=( It was really a stupid mistake, leaving your bag with passports in it (my passport and my son's),wallet where credit card,ec card,id's in it, not so much with cash 'coz I think I only have 10 euro in my wallet,Johann's baby book and of course some small stuff. I felt so stupid, how can I forget such important thing. I really say "Pech gehabt" which means tough luck.=( Despite of it all, I know I'm lucky 'coz I have a very understanding hubby, (many thanks love) he never said anything not nice to me, instead hopes that we'll be able to have it back. Friends whose reactions was not judging instead understanding and encouraging (thanks to dottie,ed and cenen). What they did may look ordinary but it means a lot to me. The more lucky and blessed I am because I have my bag back. yahoo!!!=) We called legoland at around 8 in the morning and  I thank God they found it. We then made ourselves prepared and off to legoland again! There are so many things to thank of, despite the crisis and the unpleasant things in life,there's still many good hearted and honest people around. To God be the glory.=)


Unknown said...

Oh, gosh, I'd panic if I left my bag anywhere! I carry my life with me!

Michelle said...

Wow,I bet your were so scared when you lost your bag. That's a lot of ID to lose at once. Glad to hear you got it back safe and sound. Thanks for stopping by my place and your sweet comment.

Bless said...

JO I read it thru Janice comment at facebook that you left your bag in legoland. Glad you have it back :-)