Thursday, April 23, 2009

why yoyo?

Johann was almost six months when we  first travel outside Germany. My sister Jannett and her family live in Ireland and I was also longing to visit her and her family. Was excited too to see my dear niece and nephew. John, my sister's eldest was 2 1/2 years then, but he can already speak very well. So this is how Johann's name became yoyo. He can actually say the name Johann but find it easier to say yoyo. Daniela, the youngest can already say few words as well and that includes the name "yoyo". At first, it doesn't sound so good to me, specially in visayan dialect it  could mean"uncle" or the toy yoyo. Funny! But as days went by and the kids were calling johann "yoyo" and how they fondly treat him and call the name "yoyo", I kinda like it.=) I should say, it made me think that we are the ones who will give meaning to our names and it's not our name who will define us. It's really funny how it came about, but the most important thing is the beautiful memories with it.


Bless said...

Mura man ug "yoyo Pedro" hehehehe

Michelle said...

It's funny how kids pick up different names for words they can't say. My aunts name is Andrea and I just couldn't say it as a kid. I just called her Andy and the name stuck. That was over 37 years ago. It still throws me when someone calls her Andrea. LOL! Thanks for stopping by.