Tuesday, April 21, 2009

no time to cook?

I was totally lazy last monday and I want to eat something light and easy to prepare. I looked into the cupboard and there I remember we bought basil pesto last Saturday. I checked the canned goods and I saw tuna, so I say to myself..perfect! I can have tuna pasta with pesto. Nothing is complicated, I just cooked the 250 g. pasta according to the package instruction.

for the sauce:

olive oil
1 can tuna
150 g basil pesto

Pour the olive oil in a skillet, add the garlic, tuna, basil pesto and season with salt. Then just mix the cooked pasta.

there we already have a tuna pasta with pesto..so easy right?here's a pic of what we had for lunch.

It may be very light for jerome so I decided to add some salad. Again, nothing is special, I just used whatever was available.

oak leaf lettuce (green variety)
green olives
black olives

just mixed everything and pour the salad dressing. Its a ready mix salad dressing which you can buy in the supermarket. What I use was vinegar and oil, Mediterranean art. Here's a picture of the salad:
We had enjoy the meal,though so light and easy, just good enough for the lazy day.


Bless said...

Hmmm.. some kind of easy gourmet cooking there ha! hehehe looks yummy :-)

fedhz said...

wow, mommy. thanks for the simple recipes. my daughter loves tuna pesto and i love salad. ^^