Monday, April 27, 2009

ride and have fun

Recreational Parks will be mostly enjoyed by children ranging from ages 4 years and up. Not just children but also adults who are child at heart. Johann will turn 3 in July, not so little anymore but not big enough to enjoy all of the rides. I think being together and enjoying things together are the ones that matter most in a family day. And Park is one of the best place to have some fun with them. Legoland is about 90 km from our place,It's almost an hour and a half ride. Last saturday, the weather was so lovely and nice. Just warm enough to enjoy the park. Our "yoyo" was so overwhelmed with the water fountain that he actually bathe himself and really enjoyed it. (showed in above photo) We also try the tv tower like ride, I kinda like it because it's not gonna make you dizzy at all. You'll be able to enjoy the sights from above. This is how it looks like from there.
Of course this is all about our little yoyo to enjoy,
we of course chose rides that perfectly fits him and that he would surely enjoy. This one is a boat ride I had with Johann. Another ride from safari park. 
Surely moments like this with your little one is superbly enjoyable. This is why I call it "ride and have fun"=)


Analyse said...

weather is getting better, time to enjoy outdoor activities. love that picture of your lil one. where in germany are you?

hey, thanks for visiting my hideaway ;)

Anonymous said...

hala oi kahimus man sa baktin oi? sexy man jud kau ang legs oi haha ready to swim man kau ang yoyo oi..miss you yoyo and my dear sis too of course! mwah

Dee said...

That looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

wow! is that boat made of Lego? :)