Monday, April 20, 2009

Mother and toddler group

It's really been a long while since i had my last entry. Having a child can really change your world. More so, when you're living in a foreign country. I remember the old days when I was young, my parents perhaps have really no problem at all in finding playmates for us, for we are 5 children in the family. Aside from having siblings, neighbor kids are just around the corner. Here in Germany it's quite different,aside from the fact that we don't have relatives here, the neighborhood is not as open and warm compared in the Philippines. They're very nice though. The long cold season contributed to it as well, it's but natural for people not to love outdoors when its cold. Johann will be turning 3 this july, he's more active now and needs a lot of interaction from other kids. It's a good thing we found this mother and toddler group where he could also play with other kids. The only problem and good thing the medium (of communication) is in german. It's a problem because Johann hasn't established one language yet, he's not yet speaking to us in a sentence and here he is to be in a german speaking group. Good thing, because it would be a good way of learning the language.

The first day we joined the group I really thought Johann may not like it, he's just wrapping his arms around me and looks like he's afraid of the group, but as soon as the group started singing and dancing, he became more relaxed and eventually joined the other kids. I'm just so happy to see him, happy to be with other kids 'coz he is usually afraid to be around with  other children. The next time, I'm very sure he's really liking the group, he was so excited when we arrived in "Familien Zentrum" literally means Family  Center.He let me remove his shoes with a delighted face and ready for the activity. This is something we both look forward every week, for Johann to have fun and me practice my german=)

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Bless said...

Hello Jo! Glad you're back to writing again :-)Also happy that you found a group where Johan can be with other kids. I am also looking into one like that.